environmental services

Melekau Environmental is able to bring a team of able professionals to projects with extensive local experience.  Being a Palauan owned Company with local and resident personnel enables the team to expedite project implementation and insure availability throughout the project to completion.

Our team offers the following advantages to projects:

  • Knowledge of local laws, regulations and criteria which will apply to project activities;
  • Familiarity with the project site, environmentally sensitive areas, and logistical concerns;
  • Being part of the community facilitates negotiations with government and community agencies;
  • Advantage of being Palau based ensures low overhead and increased ability to control costs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our experience and services in more detail with you.

Project experience

Beach Resort

Resort Development - Melekau has prepared enviromental assessments for proposed resort developments, including: Aman Palau, Babeldaob Resort Developments, Resort-trust Oikull Golf Resort, Palau Royal Resort.


Nikko Bay

Infrastructure Planning & Development - Melekau has participated in master planning and design development for water and sanitation sectors, roadways, and marina developments. Climate change impacts have been assessed for proposed and existing infrastructure and communities.



Palau International Aiport Apron, 2009 to 2012 - Melekau produced an environmental assessment of impacts for the aiport expansion project, funded by US Federal Aviation Authority. Melekau provided the contractor, Surangel & Sons Construction, with environmental management services throughout the construction phase.